Monday, May 14, 2001

another rainy day. today has to be probably the least productive day at school in a long time. i think it's because it's nearing graduation and the teachers as well as the students have become extremely lazy. everyday it's pretty much the same thing. i haven't had any homework in a while, actually i have, i just refuse to do it because my teachers don't check it. tests / hwk / and the occasional quiz. that's my school for you.

now that i think of it, this year has gone by so fast. i remember stepping foot in school again after my summer vacation and realizing i'm graduating this year. it's a circle. you go to kindergarten, then you graduate grade 7, then onto high school, and finally graduation of that. 2 months later, university, you're at the bottom again. it's not to say i haven't met some sweet people along the way. i'm surrounded by the greatest group of friends a person could ever have and it's sad that we'll be leaving each other soon. none of us are ready to say goodbye yet, but then again, who is . . . ?

anyways, that's what life is all about. you have to let go of those you love only to return to them once again.